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Last update: 22nd October 2016

These pages contain various useful OS/2-related information and utilities.

You may also like to see the pages dealing with IBM PS/2 machines.

Useful Utilities and Programs
UPTIME WPS class for displaying system uptime UPDATED
PANEL Device driver for PS/2 Model 95 information panel UPDATED
MEM Utility for displaying memory size detected by OS/2 UPDATED
MailProgs Suite of simple OS/2 mail servers and clients UPDATED
NAMED Simple OS/2 name server UPDATED
NETLIB OS/2 network utility library NEW
RAREAD and RAWRITE Utilities to read and write raw diskette images UPDATED
SYSLEV Utility to display syslevel from a single file UPDATED
MD5 MD5 message digest utility UPDATED
DF Command line utility to display disk usage UPDATED
V2GB Fix DOS problem with disks greater than 2GB UPDATED
DELAY Device driver to introduce delay during system loading UPDATED
DTBACKUP Simple desktop backup UPDATED
EXTDISK DOS utility to display presence of INT 13H extensions UPDATED
LDCOPY Device driver to copy files during system loading UPDATED
ML/I General purpose macro processor UPDATED

Hints and tips
Useful information and procedures

Sometimes it isn't always obvious how best to do something slightly out of the ordinary. This section contains various useful snippets of information, as well as some technical pieces.

Glossary Glossary of terms used here
Using LVM Using logical volumes and the Logical Volume Manager under WSeB and eComStation
Using CMD.EXE Notes on using the default OS/2 command processor (CMD.EXE)
Installation problems Dealing with some installation problems
Pilot Desktop Installing PalmPilot software
TCP/IP 4.3 Firewall Notes on the firewall and packet filtering in TCP/IP 4.3
Extended Attributes Implementation of extended attributes on the FAT file system
FixPak validation Checking the integrity of downloaded FixPak diskette images
Peer on MCP Notes on using Peer networking on the Merlin Convenience Pack
SMP on MCP Notes on using SMP on the Merlin Convenience Pack
Remote install Notes on installing OS/2 over a network (with REXX script)
Revision levels etc. Revision levels, CSD levels and version numbers UPDATED
Boot sequence Notes on the OS/2 boot sequence
Applying FixPaks An easy way to apply FixPaks

Miscellaneous related documentation

Some documentation can be hard to find, so here is a selection of documents that may be useful to enthusiasts.

Discontinued software
Good software that is no longer updated

Some companies have produced good software for OS/2, and then left the market. Occasionally, they have made the last version of the software freely available. Because this may eventually disappear from their web sites, and because on the whole it is worth preserving, some of it is being made available here. The repository includes software by Innoval (Post Road Mailer, J Street Mailer). There is also information on the independent, continued development of J Street Mailer, now known as the Polarbar Mailer.

There are also demonstration copies of the CDS products in the Backagain/2000 family.

There are fixes and updates for some software, notably ProNews/2, which is being actively developed once more by volunteers.

There is a copy of the Programming Tools and Information for OS/2 1.2/1.3. This is the equivalent to what is now known as the Toolkit.

Lastly, there is a repository of IBM Employee Written Software.

Other resources
Useful links and information

There are numerous other resources available to the OS/2 enthusiast. These resources include:

The OS2-UK mailing list

This mailing list exists to provide a forum for mutual support, help and discussion among users of OS/2 in the UK. However, members from other countries are welcome! The list is not intended to replace the Usenet newsgroups.

The list is administered by Bob Eager. To join the list, send email to os2-uk-request@os2.org.uk with the word 'subscribe' in the Subject:.

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