Fix DOS problem with disks greater than 2GB

This program, V2GB, is a solution to the problem caused by the inability of many DOS programs to handle a partition in excess of 2GB in size. This shortcoming causes spurious reports of insufficient disk space.

The interesting thing about this particular solution is that it is implemented as a virtual device driver. This means that it is a 32-bit driver that loads into system memory rather than the virtual DOS machine, and thus it occupies ZERO bytes inside the VDM. It is thus preferable to other solutions such as resident programs and conventional device drivers that hook interrupt vectors. It also means that control of the driver is possible on a per-VDM basis, without modifying DOS startup files such as AUTOEXEC.BAT.

For more details, download the ZIP file and see the README.TXT file.

The V2GB.ZIP file includes the following:

Download V2GB.ZIP

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Last Updated: 21st October 2016
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