Notes on using Peer networking on the Merlin Convenience Pack


This is a summary of experiences and information about using Peer networking on the Merlin Convenience Pack (MCP); some may also apply to eComStation (eCS).

User IDs

When installing the system, one is asked to give a username and password. The intention is that these are registered as an administrator, allowing further users to be authorised as required.

In reality, it seems that on Merlin Convenience Pack 1 (at least), a bug in the installation procedure means that the information given is totally ignored.

The workround is to allow the installation to complete, then log in with user USERID and password PASSWORD. It is then possible to authorise a new user at administrator level; don't forget to delete the default one afterwards unless you want a massive security hole! You may wish to check other users (e.g. GUEST) as well.

Connections at logon

One can use the Connections tab of the Sharing and Connecting object to define connections to resources on other systems. One of the options is to have the connection to the resource made at logon time; this is of course useful, and indeed vital in some situations.

On Merlin Convenience Pack 1 (Peer level IP08603) there is a bug which means that connections are not automatically made at logon. There are two solutions:

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Last Updated: 5th October 2001
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