System level display utility

SYSLEV displays the system level information associated with a single SYSLEVEL file.

Files named SYSLEVEL.* are scattered all over an OS/2 system; each one records the 'system level' or version and revision (service level) of a single system component.

One can display the contents of these files using the standard OS/2 SYSLEVEL command; however, this displays information from all files, and (on a large system) takes a long time to run since it scans the whole file system.

In many cases, all one needs to know is the information concerning one component. If the name of the appropriate SYSLEVEL file is known (it's usually stored with the component) then SYSLEV will display just that information.

The SYSLEV.ZIP file includes the following:

Download SYSLEV.ZIP version 1.1

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Last Updated: 21st October 2016
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