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Newsreader application - Year 2000 fixes and beyond

Year 2000 problems

Pronews/2 is an excellent news reading application for OS/2. Unfortunately, original development on the program stopped around May 1998, and the authors seem to have dropped out of sight. This has not stopped many people from using it, and continuing to use it.

In January 2000, it was discovered that ProNews/2 suffered from some serious Year 2000 related bugs. Unless these were corrected, the program became difficult to use, particularly with some news servers which interpret NNTP in a particular way (for more details, see below). More fortunately, the source of one of the beta versions found its way into public view. This has enabled solutions to the major problems to be developed. In addition, a small band of volunteer developers has continued to work on the program in their spare time; see below.


There are currently three possible solutions to the year 2000 problems:

The patch

As mentioned above, the patch retains the spell checking functionality, while fixing some of the more pressing issues, such as the following (the number after each item is the patch level at which it was implemented):

The patch is for these versions of ProNews/2:

Note that the file date is changed during installation; to check the original date, unzip the distribution file, and the INSTALL.ZIP within it, and look at the date on PRONEWS.DLL there.

The patch procedure will automatically use the correct patch file, as long as the DLL appears to correspond to one of the above versions. The date on the DLL does not have to be as above.

All you need for the patch is the file PNY2KPAT.ZIP, available here; it is under 6KB in size. Full instructions are included.

Thanks to Trevor Hemsley for getting me started, for his work on a new DLL, and to many others for their help and support!

Download PNY2KPAT.ZIP at patch level 02

Other files

Some users may be interested in the UK version of the Spellguard dictionary, used with ProNews/2, It can be downloaded here as sg_ukdct.zip.

OS/2 toolkits
Old toolkits

The toolkit for OS/2 version 1.3 is a useful resource. It contains, at least, some useful documentation and header files for the 16 bit interfaces still present in 32-bit OS/2. The toolkit is available as a set of diskette images, which can be unpacked (to a diskette, real or virtual) using the LOADDSKF utility.

The diskette images (and their MD5 signatures) can be downloaded here:

PTI13_1.DSK Toolkit diskette 1
PTI13_2.DSK Toolkit diskette 2
PTI13_3.DSK Toolkit diskette 3
PTI13_4.DSK Toolkit diskette 4
PTI13_5.DSK Toolkit diskette 5
PTI13_6.DSK Toolkit diskette 6
PTI13_7.DSK Toolkit diskette 7
PTI13.MD5 MD5 signatures for the seven diskettes

Innoval software
Mail and Web utilities

Innoval was well known as a producer of OS/2 software, specifically two mail clients. They have now discontinued OS/2 support, but have made those products generally available at no charge. Copies of each product can be downloaded here; for more details of the Innoval position, download a copy of their announcement.

Fixes are also included for bugs in Post Road Mailer:

Select the name of each product if you wish to download it. To use Post Road Mailer, you will need a serial number; Innoval say that you should use the number 31571728.

POSTROAD.ZIP Post Road Mailer version 3.0
PRDOTFIX.ZIP Fix for dot stuffing bug in Post Road Mailer
EPOTCPIP.ZIP Fix for when Post Road Mailer reports attachments but does not decode them properly
PGP fix Fix for using Post Road Mailer with PGP 5.0 NEW
JSTREET.ZIP J Street Mailer (in Java); needs Java 1.1.4, or later if possible

J Street Mailer has been taken over by another group, and worked on actively. It is now known as the Polarbar Mailer. See the home page at http://www.polarbar.net. It is well worth a visit.

CDS software
Backup utilities

CDS was well known as a producer of OS/2 backup software. They sold the rights to another company who promptly dropped OS/2 support. Demo versions can be found here; they are limited in function (length of backup) unless you have a key.

Select the name of each product if you wish to download it.

BA2KWS410.ZIP BackAgain/2000 Workstation version 4.10
BA2KSV410.ZIP BackAgain/2000 Server version 4.10
BA2RFS410.ZIP BackAgain/2000 Remote File System Agent version 4.10

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