The Uptime WPS Class

UPTIME implements a Workplace Shell class that shows the current system uptime (time since boot). Although there are several utilities that do this, it seemed nice to make it a WPS class; it is easy to move the information around the desktop, make shadows, etc. It would of course be rare to need more than one instance of this! Also, this is dedicated to just one function, unlike (for example) PM Patrol.

Version 1.3 and above contain facilities to select the method by which the uptime is determined. Three different methods are provided; each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the method used can be changed at any time. They are:

If desired, the device driver can be queried from a program or from REXX, by simply reading four bytes from the device UPTIME$; these form the uptime in seconds.

The UPTIME.ZIP file includes the following:

Download UPTIME.ZIP version 1.3

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