OS/2 startup delay device driver

DELAY is a simple OS/2 device driver for providing a timed delay from CONFIG.SYS during system startup. It is useful in situations where several machines are being brought up at the same time, but some must not proceed past a certain point until others are fully functional. It is also very useful when a message from some device driver scrolls by on the screen too fast to be read or analyzed.

The delay interval may be specified on the driver line in CONFIG.SYS. If desired, the driver delay may be prematurely terminated by pressing a key. There is also an option for displaying a message on the screen at the start of the delay period, and for indenting such messages for clarity.

Multiple copies of the driver may be loaded if multiple delays are required (since the delay happens when the driver is loaded, the position of the DEVICE= line determines the point during system initialisation at which the delay takes place).

For more details, download the program and read the associated documentation.

The DELAY.ZIP file includes the following:

Download DELAY.ZIP version 2.1

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