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These are articles and websites which relate to the material in Bob's talk.

  • The original paper about The UNIX Time-Sharing System. A classic paper that every computer scientist should read. (13.8MB, as it's a set of photographic page images)
  • BSD vs Linux. Some people (including Bob!) consider Linux to be a jumped up UNIX wannabe.... A common question, given the wide publicity often afforded to Linux, is "What is the difference between Linux and (say) FreeBSD?". Well, this article provides a lot of the answers, and is actually quite balanced.
  • http://www.386bsd.org/ contains much material on the 386BSD effort, including links to the original articles from Dr Dobbs' Journal.
  • The UNIX Heritage Society helps to preserve early (and later) stuff about UNIX.
  • Dennis Ritchie died in October 2011. His home page has been preserved, and there is lots of really interesting stuff on it, about all sorts of things. Take a look.
  • It is worth taking a look at the Raspberry Pi website.
  • There is also some other stuff on Bob's main website, http://www.bobeager.uk. See also his YouTube channel, at http://youtube.bobeager.uk.


Here are some additional links to humorous web pages concerning UNIX....!


This is other stuff, e.g. source code, pictures, etc.

  • Here are download links to the entire 4.4BSD source code! Warning: these files are big - about 40 megabytes each. They're gzipped tar files; if you don't know what that means, learn a bit more UNIX first!
  • BCPL. This is a page about the language BCPL. This was the ancestor of the language B, developed at Bell Labs. In turn, B evolved into C. You can download a portable, working BCPL language system here.
  • The Programming Language B. This is a page about the language B, which was the precursor to C.
  • The Development of the C Language. This is just what it says; a paper on the development of C, from its inception until 2007.
  • Here's the picture of the nanoBSD machine. And here is another picture
  • Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on TECO (Text Editor and Corrector, ancestor of EMACS).

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