D1-D4 GI DF 02S 332M
P1 ISDN Line (RJ45)
P2 Headset / Telephone
T1 PE-65495 Transformer
U2-U6 MT5C2568DJ -25
U26 Siemens PEB 2081
Y1 33.8688 MHz Osc
Y2 768NDK14: Crystal

WaveRunner Technologies Corporation
   These folks bought the IBM Waverunner line and have W95 drivers for it.
wr_gmca30.exe W95 general availability  package for MCA WaveRunners with the latest features


IBM Waverunner Files
wrdmcae1.exe  WaveRunner MCA reference diskette version 1.1.
WR3ISAE1.EXE Windows 3.x drivers for MC / ISA
WR3ISAE2.EXE Windows 3.x drivers for MC / ISA
WR3ISAE1.TXT Readme for WR3ISAEx.exe

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page   Lots of links are outdated

Hardware Options/Diagnostics - MCA Version 1.1 (English) 
wrdmcae1.exe  (ZIP file) Options/ Diag 02-25-94 @8FE0.ADF, 02-01-96 @8FE0.DGS

W95 Installation Diskettes Version 3.0 - MCA (English) 1997
wr9mcae1.exe W95 Installation Diskette #1 - MCA (English)
wr9mcae2.exe W95 Installation Diskette #2 - MCA (English)

W95 PTF for 56bps Operation 1998
wr9ptf83.exe Windows 95 PTF for 56Kbps Operation

7845 ISDN NT Extended

   The 7845 Network Terminator Extended connects analog telephone equipment over the same ISDN service.  The second B channel is converted into a standard analog interface.  This allows the 7845 ISDN Network Terminator Extended to drive an existing telephone loop at the customer premises, or to provide an additional analog service, at the same time providing a digital data connection to the terminal equipment.
       A single ISDN service can provide a digital data connection and a standard analog telephone service that operate independently and concurrently.
       The 7845 ISDN Network Terminator Extended can also act as a standard NT1, passing both B channels and the D channel to the terminal equipment.
    When using analog telephone equipment, the Network Terminator Extended offers several custom calling features similar to those offered by the telephone companies as options with regular analog telephone service.  These features are:
o   Speed Dialing
o   Re-dial of last number dialed
o   Repetitive re-dialing of the last busy number
o   Return of the last incoming call
o   Call Hold
o   Call Retrieve
o   Call Waiting
o   Three or Six-way Conferencing

By being able to program the 7845 ISDN Network Terminator Extended for the desired custom calling features, the Network Terminator Extended can provide much of the flexibility you have with your present analog phone service.

BATTERY BACKUP:  A rechargeable battery provides  backup power to the analog phone service, if the home or office experiences a power outage.  The included battery, when fully charged, provides up to 18 hours of standby power (up to six hours off hook).  An audible alarm is superimposed on the call when approximately 10 minutes of power remain.
       Traditional analog telephone sets receive electrical power from the telephone company central office.  Therefore, phone service is not interrupted if your home or office should lose A/C power.
ISDN phones and network terminators must be powered from electrical outlets in the home or office.  Therefore, a neighborhood power failure normally causes a loss of phone service.  The battery backup feature ensures the customer will not lose the analog telephone service provided through the NT Extended during power outages lasting up to 18 hours (up to six hours off-hook).

Connecting the WaveRunner to the NT1
        1. To attach the WaveRunner to the NT1, you will  need the cable with RJ-45 connectors (incl.with adapter). connect one end of the cable to the adapter Warning Do not connect a headset or handset to the WaveRunner. Doing so may cause  damage to the headset or handset.
        2. Connect the other end of the cable to the NT1 in the slot marked TE or S/T. Or, if the NT1 is part of the ISDN, connect the other end of the  cable to the wall socket.

Installation Prerequesites
           The WaveRunner adapter , Installation Diskettes (MC),  Startup Option Diskette (MC), An ISDN Network Termination Unit (NT1) to provide the interface between the WaveRunner and the ISDN line. (NT1 - IBM 7845 P/N 82G6060),  A Category 3 data cable with RJ-45 connectors (incl. in Option) to connect to NT1. 

 Micro Channel Configuration Parameters-Description and Options
 |Parameter      |Description                   |Available Options   |
 |COMM Port      |This parameter assigns        |COM1, IRQ 4         |
 |               |the communication             |COM2, IRQ 3         |
 |               |(COMM) port a value from      |COM3, IRQ 3         |
 |               |COM1 to COM8, or              |COM4, IRQ 3         |
 |               |disables the COMM port.       |COM4, IRQ 4         |
 |               |                              |COM5, IRQ 3         |
 |               |Each COMM port value          |COM5, IRQ 4         |
 |               |assigned is accompanied       |COM6, IRQ 3         |
 |               |by an Interrupt Request       |COM6, IRQ 4         |
 |               |(IRQ) value. This value       |COM7, IRQ 3         |
 |               |establishes the priority      |COM7, IRQ 4         |
 |               |with which the adapter        |COM8, IRQ 3         |
 |               |can interrupt the             |COM8, IRQ 4         |
 |               |computer. The lowest          |DISABLED            |
 |               |value is given the highest    |                    |
 |               |priority.                     |                    |
 |I/O Address    |This parameter selects the    |0400-041F 04F8-04FF |
 |Selection      |I/O address range that is     |0800-081F 08F8-08FF |
 |               |used by the adapter.          |0C00-0C1F 0CF8-0CFF |
 |               |                              |1000-101F 10F8-10FF |
 |               |                              |1400-141F 14F8-14FF |
 |               |                              |1800-181F 18F8-18FF |
 |               |                              |1C00-1C1F 1CF8-1CFF |
 |               |                              |2000-201F 20F8-20FF |
 |               |                              |2400-241F 24F8-24FF |
 |               |                              |2800-281F 28F8-28FF |
 |               |                              |2C00-2C1F 2CF8-2CFF |
 |               |                              |3000-301F 30F8-30FF |
 |               |                              |3400-341F 34F8-34FF |
 |               |                              |3800-381F 38F8-38FF |
 |               |                              |3C00-3C1F 3CF8-3CFF |
 |               |                              |4000-401F 40F8-40FF |
 |               |                              |4400-441F 44F8-44FF |
 |               |                              |4800-481F 48F8-48FF |
 |               |                              |4C00-4C1F 4CF8-4CFF |
 |System         |This parameter sets the       |Interrupt Level 15  |
 |Interrupt      |System Interrupt Level.       |Interrupt Level 11  |
 |Selection      |The value for this            |                    |
 |               |parameter establishes the     |                    |
 |               |priority by which the         |                    |
 |               |WaveRunner can interrupt      |                    |
 |               |the computer.                 |                    |
 |Arbitration    |This parameter selects the    |Level 1             |
 |Level          |arbitration level at which    |Level 3             |
 |               |the WaveRunner will           |Level 5             |
 |               |operate.                      |Level 6             |
 |               |                              |Level 7             |
 |               |Under normal conditions,      |Level 8             |
 |               |you should accept the         |Level 9             |
 |               |default value for this        |Level A             |
 |               |parameter.                    |Level B             |
 |               |                              |Level C             |
 |               |                              |Level D             |
 |               |                              |Level E             |
 |Fairness       |This parameter                |Fairness Disable    |
 |Enable/Disable |establishes wheter or not     |Fairness Enable     |
 |               |the adapter will share the    |                    |
 |               |bus with other devices or     |                    |
 |               |retain control of the bus     |                    |
 |               |as needed. Under normal       |                    |
 |               |conditions, Fairness          |                    |
 |               |Disable is preferred.         |                    |

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