26 Jun 00 - If you have anything on this card, please tell ME 
No idea of the adf

SFLP-A Adapter

J1-J3 50 pin headers
RX  Optical port
Q1, Q2 RF frequency transistors (?)
TX  Optical port
U201, U301  AM7969-125DC TAXIchip
Y1 110NDK04: Xtal

SFLP-B Daughtercard

P1-P3 50 position socket
U302 L5A1359 
U304 20 MHz osc
U405 Cypress CY7C428-30PC

  There doesn't seem to be much on this card. It is possibly part of the "Star" or "Star Lite" publishing system by Scitex. The Scitex site has four text notes on microchannel adapters, all Y2K related. That's it...

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