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From a post by Peter Wendt...

Do the following:
- get the two disks for the F/W streaming Raid Adapter /A from IBM ftp and extract them to floppies. The IBM Server 95 Raid adapter has the same Intel i960 and NCR chipset as the FWSR and should work with that as well. The disks are:

The first one is the most important, because it includes the Raid-Manager.
- boot with the first disk
- look, which status the drives are set to.
- enter "Delete / Create arrays" and delete any existing RAID-array (mark it with the space bar then press "DEL")
- all drives must be in Status RDY (ready). Drives marked with DDD are set to "DeaD Drive" and must be *physically* removed, bay-status must be changed to EMP (Empty)
- save configuration, end program.
- re-insert drives, restart program and look again. 'New' drives should be in OFL (Offline)
- there is a point "Replace drive" or such - I forgot about the exact expressions, since the SR95 adapter does not support automatical re-scan of the drives and no automatical restoration of arrays.
- in case you got all drives back to RDY-status you can use "Create Array" to mark all drives and add them into one array ('A'), create a Raid-5 array. All drives are then marked with ONL - A (= online, included in Array # A).
- Run "Initialize Array" to make them ready for operating system
- save configuration again (floppy may not be write protected)

   The SR95 adapter already supports the INT 13 boot functions (unlike to the F/W-SR, which can have INT 13 boot disabled). If you are using OS/2 you will have to modify the OS/2 installation with the appropriate drivers from the F/W option disk IBMRAID.ADD (see the README on that disk) to have the RAID-support.
   The RAIDADM in the OS/2 chapter is a Raid-Manager running at OS/2 PM to make servicing and supervising of the Raid-array easier. Remind that the installation partition for OS/2 may not exceed 2GB ... ! That's the size supported by the INT13 as well and you can add the IBMRAID.ADD later after the installation of the Base OS/2 as described in the README.

If you are planning to use WinNT it were better to have a IBM Server Guide pack with version number 3.01 at least, better 4.0. This Server Guide includes a Software Guide (starter) CD, which can be directly booted and automatically detects the hardware and set the starting order for the tools in the correct order (starts RAID-manager) and includes all required hardware-driver, updates and such stuff - and the Service Pack 3, which his mandantory for Win NT 4.0.

Very friendly greetings from Peter in Germany

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