Low Level Format

Warning: The advanced-diagnostic format program (referred to as a low-level format), is different from the operating system format program. The operating-system format program will not erase the System Partition; the low-level format program will. It also will erase the system programs and completely clear the hard disk. If the hard disk is working, make a backup copy of the System Partition and all the files on the hard disk before you use this program. (If you do not know how to make a backup copy of the System Partition, see "Backing up the System Partition" in topic 2.10.4.) To backup all of the files, see the operating system
documentation. (It might take up to two hours to run the low-level format program, depending on the disk capacity.) 

When to Run the Low-Level Format Program 
There are three reasons to run this program: 
  1.You are installing software that requires a low-level format. 
  2.You get recurring messages from diagnostic tests telling you to run the low-level format program on the hard disk. 
  3. A last resort before replacing a failing hard disk drive. 

How to Run the Low-Level Format Program 
  1.Power-on the computer. 
  2.Start the system programs (Starting System Program). 
  3.When the Main Menu appears, press Ctrl+A. 
  4.When the Advanced Diagnostic Menu appears, select Format Hard Disk. Then, follow the instructions on the screen. 

Preparing the Hard Disk for Use 
When the low-level format program completes, you must copy all the files to the hard disk. Before you can copy the files, you must: 
  1.Create the System Partition (if the hard disk drive had a System Partition) using the Restore the System Partition utility program from the system programs on the System Diskettes. 
  2.Format the hard disk using the operating system. (The commands vary with the operating system. Refer to the operating system manual for a description of the program commands to use.) 
  3.Install the operating system. 

You are now ready to reinstall the files. 

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