Installing Memory
   1.  CAUTION: When you tilt out the power supply, do not let it drop.  Personal injury or damage to the server might result. 

Tilt out the power supply: 
      a. Disconnect the twisted power cables from the power supply. 
      b. Unscrew the spring-loaded power supply retaining knob until it releases.
      c. Place one hand on top of the server to support it. 
      d. Tilt out the power supply with the other hand. (Be sure the power cord is removed from the server before you try to tilt out the power  supply.) 

2.  Locate the SIMM connectors.  Some SIMMs are already installed. 
      SIMMs must be installed in pairs of the same size, speed, and type. 
      All memory installed must be of the same type (either parity or ECC). 
      When you are instructed to install the SIMMs, install them in the      following order: A1 and B1, A2 and B2, A3 and B3, A4 and B4. 
      a. Your server is shipped with SIMMs installed in A1 and B1. 
      b. For information about the memory types available for your server, see Memory. 


  3.  Touch the static-protective package to any unpainted metal surface on the server.  Then, remove the SIMM from the package. 

4.  Install the kit: 
      a. Turn the SIMM so the notched end faces the top of the server. 
      b. Insert the SIMM into the connector. 
      c. Pivot it to the right until it snaps into place. 
      d. Repeat these steps for each SIMM you install. 

  5.  Reinstall the power supply: 
      a. Move the cables out of the way. 
NOTE! If you have a SCSI CD rom with an external terminator on it, this is referred to as a "guillotine"! Carefully push the SCSI cable towards the front of the case while rotating the power supply back in. Or you WILL be sorry...
      b. Tilt the power supply into the server. 
      c. Press in the retaining knob and turn it to the right until it is tight. 
      d. Reconnect the twisted power cables to the power supply. 

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