Installing Floppy Drives

 Install the diskette drive in bay A or B: 
      Note:  The figures that accompany these steps show the installation occurring in bay A.  These instructions also apply to bay B. 
      a. If a flat cable is folded inside bay A, unfold it and route it along the back of the bays. 
      b. Position the drive so the connector is facing the rear of the server. 
      c. Align the drive with the guides on the bottom of the bay. 
      d. Slide the drive into the bay until it stops. 

  3.  Locate the connector on the flat cable directly behind the bay you are using (A or B), and connect it to the back of the drive. 
      Note:  For bay A, use the middle connector (labeled "P2-1"). For bay B, use the bottom connector (labeled "P2-0"). 

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