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QCONFIG is part of PC-DOS 6.1
Editor's Note: I cannot get QAplus to run on my P90 machine. Perhaps the P90 complexes' ID is not in QAplus. Qconfig (DOS diags) will run on my 9595-OYT. Qsystem is an OS/2 diags. QMC is supposed to be a dual OS diags.

  XVIEW for 3.1x/W95/NT. Viewer for *.INF files. 16 bit only. Sigh! 

Micro Post Adapter  Troubleshoot Microchannel PS/2 
Monitor P.O.S.T Codes Output to Parallel Port

QBMCA by Peter Wendt
DMQSREAD A rough, undocumented utility to read those damnable DMQS .dgs files.

Something different: I have been busy with the IBM XGA DMQS-files ... by obvious reasons. I need the monitor data to set the graphical environment in Linux .. this is no problem with a modern multi-sync monitor like the EIZO but is a P.I.T.A. with older multi.mode or fixed frequency monitors.

So I dived deeper into the stuff. The first thing I wrote was sort of "analyzer" tool, that helps getting the cryptic stuff sorted. No documentation available so far ... I'll do that later. I have appended the tool - I *do* know that you need this as much as another hole in the head ... and since I did not fully encode the cryptic register names it is of obscure use - so far. But I have found out much of the method DMQS' MONxxxx.DGS files work.

Some of the registers stuff is explained in the IBM_VGAXGA_TRM3.PDF starting 
at Page 25 - the DMQS stuff is starting in IBM_VGAXGA_TRM4.PDF at page 9 ...

New version posted 25 Jul 99.
This version is a bit better and I started to integrate the "online help",  which should explain a bit about the use and the parameters itself. Work is still in progress - but I wanted to show you this version already. 
   In return this "little fingerwork" should enable me to *write* new DMQS-files for other monitors ... at least I hope. Someone in the NG (you or CL) asked some time ago for new DMQS-files. From the theory it should not be too complicated, but I am still fighting with the dirty details .... :-)
   Like recalculating the pixel-values from out of micro-seconds of signal delays .... Argh ... Mathematics. And it is -of course- essential to have the signal timings for the various supported modes from the monitor. Currently I am fumbling around with some NEC technical docs to get "empirical data".

Until then it will be a bit "guesswork" and a little Voodoo to write DMQS files.

PC Diagnostics '95 (NOT Win95, but 1995) by Craig Hart     Try it!
Version: 2.77ß    Last revised: 07-02-99 

Editor's Note: Continues to improve since I first tried it in September of 1997. Create bootable DOS floppy, copy extracted files to it, boot with that disk. 

Just tried this on 25 July 99- My 9595-OYT went through the entire series of tests without a problem. Craig has continued to stomp out the few bugs that were left. This diags package is FAR better than Snooper. It's menu driven, unlike Qconfig.

Snooper 3.44 by Vias and Associates

From Bob Eager out there in the UK...
IDMCA   MCA Adapter Identification Utility
POS   Programmable Option Select Display Utility
REFSTAMP   Reference Disk ID Stamping Utility
DLITEDOS   DOS device driver for HD display on Model 95 LED Panel
PANEL OS/2 device driver for character display on Model 95 LED Panel

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