Auto 16/4 Token-Ring

@E001.adf   IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring MC (more features)  WARNING This file might not be compatible to all older IBM TR-Adapters with Card-ID E001 and 'Tropic'-chipset !
In case of doubt use the older E001-file
TRMAU1.EXE  Driver diskette
TRMAU2.EXE  Option diskette

Auto 16/4 Token Ring MC Adapter PN 92G7695

D1-D4 Diodes
DS1 Status LEDs
P2 RJ45 Port
T2 Pulse PE-67523 Transformer
U1 92G7717 BIOS, Odd
U2 92G7718 BIOS, Even
U6, U7 Motorola MCM6205DJ20
U16 10H4710
U37 50G7028
Y1 32.0000 MHz Osc

LT00056 Error Message
Verify that the latest IBMTOK NDIS driver for the IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring MC Adapter is being used.  If there are no memory or interrupt conflicts, this problem is usually caused by a downlevel NDIS driver.  Use the driver provided with the Auto 16/4 adapter.

Network Adapter LED Status 
Amber Green Explanation
The adapter is active and waiting for initialization.
Off Off The adapter initialization is in progress, the computer
is powered off, or the adapter is not active. Run LANAID
and verify the adapter's configuration. The adapter might
be configured for Plug and Play while the system is not
enabled for Plug and Play. Reconfigure a valid configuration
and store it to the adapter.
Off Blinking
The adapter did not detect any problems during its
self-diagnostic tests and is waiting to open.
If this LED state occurs after the adapter is open,
this state indicates that the adapter is closed.
Off On The adapter is open and operating correctly.
On Off The adapter self-diagnostics tests failed or there is a
problem with the adapter.
Off The adapter is closed. One of the following conditions
The adapter open failed.
The adapter detected a wire fault.
The adapter failed the auto-removal test.
On The adapter has detected beaconing or a hard error.

The Auto 16/4 Adapter transmits and receives data at a rate of either 4 or 16 Mbps over shielded twistet-pair (STP) or unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable. The Auto 16/4 Adapter can be installed in either an 8-bit or 16-bit slot. 

Features of the Auto 16/4 MC Adapter
     Autosense, Adapter can detect and operate at the data rate of the attached ring. 
     Status LEDs
     Two Auto 16/4 MC Adapters may be used in a single computer. 
     LAN Support Program (LSP) Custom, which provides IEEE 802.2 logical link control (LLC) and NetBIOS protocol drivers for use on DOS systems. 

Note: EUROPEAN USERS - If the adapter is used with UTP cabling, you require cabling with a ferrite core (IBM P/N 60G6059 or equivalent) 

Cable Types Supported
   IBM has taken a leading position in developing a token ring interface for 100 ohm, 120 ohm and 150 ohm cabling which requires no impedance matching devices at 4 or 16 Mbit/s speeds. This advanced line of token ring cards meets all of the electrical transmitter and receiver requirements set forth in the standard for all of the supported cabling interfaces, thereby setting a new standard on ease of use, one port to drive any of the three types of cabling specified.

Error Messages - 
0166nnx0 - Primary Adapter / 0167nnx0 - Secondary Adapter 
The values for nn are: 
Invalid testing mode requested 
Primary Adapter not present 
Alternate Adapter not present 
Configuration compare failure 
Adapter Test failure 
Open phase test failure 
Computer problem 
Transmit or receive test failure 
General error 
the x represents the slot number of the adapter in error 

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