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IBM's Access DOS Utilities Index Page
   StickyKeys , MouseKeys, RepeatKeys, SlowKeys, BounceKeys, SerialKeys, ShowSounds and ToggleKeys 

Win 95 and NT, go to Control Panel>Accessibility Options.

Keyboard Tab

   Use if you want to use Shift, Ctrl, or Alt keys by pressing one at a time.
   Use if you want Windows to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes, or slow the repeat rate.
   Use if you want to hear tones when pressing Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock.

Sound Tab

   Use if you want Windows to generate visual warnings when your system makes a sound.
   Use to tell your programs to display captions for the speech and sounds that they make.

Display Tab

High Contrast
   Use this if you want Windows to use colors and fonts designed for easy reading.

Mouse Tab

   Use if you want to control the pointer with the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

General Tab

Automatic Reset
   Turns off Accessibility Options after set time.
   Make a sound or display a message when turning a feature on or off.
   Allows you alternative access to keyboard and mouse features thru a serial port device.

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