Drivers (thanks, Brad!)
     Don't expect too much, the W95 drivers were just warmed over W3.XX and caused my model 95 to run in DOS mode. Maybe the NT drivers are better, I don't know as I have never tried them. The W95 drivers do support the 6091-19 as a menu option, which is kind of nice. 
ImageAccel 1 
     Win95 and Win3.1x
     Win NT 4.0 
     Win NT 3.51
     OS/2 Warp 3.0 and 2.1x 

 CVC  (Whazzat?)
     MCA Windows 3.x 

1A-1H NEC D42273V-10
3J 131.00 MHz
4J ?
5A L1A4678
8A L1A4220
10J Altera EPB2001LC
11A 438-04ME
13E, 13F Motorola 10H116
VR1 Motorola 7905.2CT

This card has 8 NEC D42273V-10 VRAM chips.

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