PS/2 FAQ 5.5a

Archive-name: PS2-FAQ 
Previously-modified: 01/07/1999
Last-modified:  04/24/2000
Version: 5.5a
Author: Louis Ohland 

Table of Contents: 

S) 1.0 Introduction
 Q) 1.1   What does this FAQ cover and how do I use this FAQ?
 Q) 1.2   What are the different PS/2s and their features?
 Q) 1.2a  What are the different Processor Complexes and their features?
 Q) 1.3   What are the IBM brand MCA cards?
 Q) 1.4   Where do I get a Reference Disk for my PS/2?
 Q) 1.4a Where can I get a Reference Disk for my non-IBM MCA System?
 Q) 1.5   Which file is my Reference Disk?  They are all cryptically written.
 Q) 1.6   What does the Reference Disk do?
 Q) 1.7   I hear there is more diagnostics hidden on the Reference Disk, where are they?
 Q) 1.8   Why can't I copy my Reference Disk, I want to make a backup?
 Q) 1.9   I got the Reference Disk, but now it is saying I need an Option
          Diskette/or giving me a 165 error at POST...What are Option
          Diskettes and Where do I get them?
 Q) 1.10  I got the Option Diskette, but the Reference Diskette is telling me
          no option files can be found, What am I doing wrong?
 Q) 1.10a I copied the option's ADF to the refdisk, but Setup cannot find it!
 Q) 1.11  I bought my PS/2 second hand who can I get technical support from?
 Q) 1.12  IBM tech. support says they do not know my answer now what?
 Q) 1.13  Where can I find support on the internet?
 Q) 1.14  I got an IBM MCA card with no labeling, How do I tell what it is?

S) 2.0 Motherboards 
 Q) 2.1   Where can I find a PS/2 motherboard?
 Q) 2.2   Instead of a 'stock' motherboard can I get a more advanced board?
 Q) 2.3   Will a standard motherboard work in a PS/2?
 Q) 2.4   What planars come with a cache and are more up-to-date with  today's standards?
 Q) 2.5   Which motherboards allow/prohibit additional on-board memory?
 Q) 2.6   Can I use normal 72-pin SIMMs?  30-pin SIMMs?
 Q) 2.7   How do I tell the speed of the PS/2 SIMMs I have now on my planar?
 Q) 2.8   What speed SIMMs do I need? 
 Q) 2.9   How good is MCA and what does it offer?
 Q) 2.10  Which is better, ISA/EISA/VLB/PCI/etc? 
 Q) 2.11  Will an ISA card work in an MCA (PS/2) machine? 
 Q) 2.12  How do I enter the CMOS configuration menu? 
 Q) 2.13  What is bus mastering anyway? 

S) 3.0 IO controllers/interfaces 
 Q) 3.1   How do IDE/MFM/RLL/ESDI/SCSI interfaces work? 
 Q) 3.2   How can I tell if I have MFM/RLL/ESDI/IDE/SCSI? 
 Q) 3.3   Why won't my two hard drives work together? 
 Q) 3.4   How do I install a second controller? 
 Q) 3.4a  Adding a second IBM controller dumps W9x into MS-DOS mode! 
 Q) 3.5   Which is better, SCSI or IDE or ESDI? 
 Q) 3.6   Can MFM/RLL/ESDI/IDE and SCSI coexist? 
 Q) 3.6a  Can I use an IDE controller in my 85 / 90 / 95?
 Q) 3.7   What's the difference between SCSI and SCSI-2? Are they compatible?
 Q) 3.7a  What are some common transfer rates of MCA SCSI Controllers?
 Q) 3.8   Can I use a non-IBM ESDI in a PS/2?
 Q) 3.8a  Can I use an AS/400 drive?
 Q) 3.9   Do I need a reference disk for my SCSI drive?
 Q) 3.10  What is a 16550UART and do I need one? Does my PS/2 have it?
 Q) 3.11  Should I buy an internal or external modem? 
 Q) 3.12  What kinds of sound cards are available? 
 Q) 3.13  Can I run both a SoundBlaster and the Audiovation/A? 
 Q) 3.14  Can I fake a keyboard so my computer will boot without it? 

S) 4.0 Upgrading Processor/Coprocessor/Disks/Video/CDROM
 Q) 4.1   I don't have the money for a new computer or motherboard, what can  I do?
 Q) 4.2   What are the Benchmarks for the Processor Upgrades?
 Q) 4.3   Which Math Co-Processor do I use?
 Q) 4.4   Can get rid of my slow stock Hard Drive and get a faster and  larger capacity version?
 Q) 4.5   How can I add a second floppy drive and what type will work with my PS/2?
 Q) 4.5a  What is the Third floppy connector for?
 Q) 4.5b  Will the * floppy drives damage my floppy controller?
 Q) 4.6   Is there an SVGA option for PS/2s?
 Q) 4.7   How can I add a CD-ROM to my PS/2?
 Q) 4.7a  Jumper Settings for a CD Rom 
 Q) 4.7b Installing Doze/W9x on a CD Rom w/IBM SCSI Controller 
 Q) 4.8   How can I build a Multimedia PS/2?
 Q) 4.9   How can I get sound effects in DOOM?
 Q) 4.10  How can I make my PS/2 Model 90/95 a Pentium 180/200MMX machine?

S) 5.0 Adding System and Cache memory
 Q) 5.1  How do I add memory to my PS/2 off the motherboard?
 Q) 5.2  How do I add cache memory to my PS/2?
 Q) 5.2a How do I add up to 2MB of cace to the SCSI w/cache Adapter /A?
 Q) 5.2b I tried adding 1MB SIMMs to the SCSI w/cache, now it shows 0KB!
 Q) 5.3  Can I use the 4MB Modules in a machine that only calls for 1 or 2MB modules?
 Q) 5.4  Who has memory the cheapest?
 Q) 5.5  Is there a way to identify a PS/2 RAM card or SIMM?
 Q) 5.6  What is the ECC memory options on some of the newer PS/2s?
 Q) 5.6a What is this setting for ECC-P for on my 9585 (all models)?
Q) 5.7  What cache size do I have/can upgrade to?

S) 6.0 Diagnostics
 Q) 6.1   What do the POST beeps mean? 
 Q) 6.2   What do the POST codes mean? 
 Q) 6.2a  What do the CP codes mean? 
 Q) 6.3   Why when my system boots fine sometimes the reference disk reports errors?
 Q) 6.4   How can I *REALLY* find out if these errors are just bogus?
 Q) 6.5   OK I got a problem, who can I get to fix it?
 Q) 6.6   What are the wrap plugs the reference disk sometimes refers too?

S) 7.0 Misc 
 Q) 7.1    What is the pin out for ...? 
 Q) 7.2    What is the special SCSI connector by IBM?
 Q) 7.2a  Making a SCSI Cable for an IBM 50 pin edgecard internal port
 Q) 7.2b  Making a Fast/Wide SCSI Cable for the IBM F/W SCSI Adapter
 Q) 7.3   Where are benchmark programs located. What do they mean? 

S) 8.0 Operating Systems (OS)
 Q) 8.1  Can I run UNIX on my PS/2? Which UNIX variety works?
 Q) 8.2  Why won't certain UNIXs run on my PS/2?
 Q) 8.3  What is better for the PS/2, MSDOS or PCDOS?
 Q) 8.4  Can I run Windows?  What would I need?
 Q) 8.5  Can I run Win95/98? What would I need?
 Q) 8.5a  Blank Screen Under MS-DOS Mode
 Q) 8.5b  Can't See >16MB or >64MB  Under W95
 Q) 8.5c  W95 Does Not See IDE Controller on MCA System
 Q) 8.6  Can I run Linux now?

S) 9.0 References
 Q) 9.1  Who makes upgrades for a PS/2 computer (company phone #'s)
 Q) 9.2  Is there automated FAX help available?

Appendix A     MCA Brand Card and Part Listing
Appendix B     IBM Reference Diskette Listing
   App B.1    Starter/Reference Disks 
   App B.2    Diagnostic Disks
   App B.3    Microcode Update Disks
   App B.4      Option Disks 
   App B.5      Driver Disks 
   App B.6      ADF Files
Appendix C     .ADF Modification for dual SB and Audiovation/A use
Appendix D    Error Code Listing
Appendix E     Pinouts
Appendix F     PS/2 Sound Cards

nbsp;   PS/2 Sound Cards