8550 Upgrade

rf5055pu.exe PS/2 8550/50Z/55 planar upgrade reference diskette v1.01
Making a diskette drive adaptor (From Bob Eager)
Additional Standard Power Connector (From Peter Wendt)
Planar outline to come, sometime after Monday, 10 July...

Planar ADF, E0FE, E1FE, E2FE
Serial Port
   The built-in serial port connector can be assigned as Serial 1 through Serial 16, or disabled.
         <SERIAL 1, IRQ 4>, Many....

Parallel Port
      The built-in parallel port connector can be assigned as Parallel 1 through 4 or disabled. 
      <PARALLEL 1>, through -4, Disabled

Parallel Port Arbitration
      The built-in parallel port connector can be assigned any one of the available arbitration levels. Selecting a shared level allows other devices with shared levels to use the same value. Selecting a dedicated Select <Disabled> to use the parallel port in compatibility mode level allows only this device to use the value. 
     Shared 7 to 0, Dedicated 7 thru 0, Disabled.

AT IDE Interface
      The on-board AT IDE interface can be configured as Primary or Secondary. If you select Primary, the interface will be accessed at port addresses from 1F0H to 1F8H.  If you select Secondary, the port addresses will be from 170 to 178. If you don't have AT IDE fixed disk, you can select Disabled to avoid a conflict with other devices.
       <Primary (io 1F0h-1F8h)>, Secondary (io 170h-178h), Disabled

Cache enabled  at startup
      Cache memory, if present, can be enabled or disabled after startup
     <Yes>, No

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