4033 LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters 

CR1-CR4 Impedance matching network
J1 DB9 Port to TR
J2 Parallel Printer Port
J3 Serial Printer Port
J4 Header to "Control Panel"
J5 Header to external Power Supply
L1-L2 bel A556-3001-00 inductor
U1 TI 1053101 CF62768BPJM
U2 OKI M80C88A-2 
U4 Samsung KM62256BLG-10L
U5 PROM AM27C010
U6 NS NS16450V (UART for Serial Port?)
U7 Motorola MC145407DW
U8-U9 Sony CXK59288J-25
U19 50G6144ESD Main chip used on some versions of the 16/4 TR adapter.
U20-U21 NS 849 3328 (?)
U22 Motorola LS244
U28 1333510 BIOS Even (?)
U29 1333511 BIOS Odd (?)
Y1 32.000 MHz
Y2 3.072 (?)

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Control Panel
  Or whatever it's called...

Power Power LED
Print Print activity LED
16 / 4 Set to ring speed
Reset Generates test page (?)

J1 Pinout
CR1 Anode (Print)
CR1 Cathode (Print)
Reset Switch 
SW1 16MB Position?
SW1 4MB Position?
SW1 Ground
Reset Switch
CR2 Cathode (Power)
CR2 Anode (Power)

J5 Pinout

      The IBM LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters provides a direct connection of parallel and EIA-232-C serial printers and plotters to local area networks (LANs).  The IBM LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters consists of a network printer adapter unit that attaches to a LAN and a software utility that resides on the LAN print server.  The adapter unit has both a serial and a parallel port that can be used simultaneously to support two printers or plotters.
       The software utility takes the print data normally sent to the print server's parallel ports and redirects it to either the parallel or serial port of the adapter.  The appropriate printer attached to
the adapter receives the data and prints it just as if the printer were attached to the server's printer port.
       The IBM LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters software utility supports remote printing via an IBM OS/2 (R) Extended Edition (EE) and IBM OS/2 LAN Server for PS/2 (R) server or IBM AIX (R) Version 3.1.5 for RISC System/6000 (TM) (AIX/6000) server that is connected to either a token-ring (IEEE 802.5) or Ethernet LAN.
       The IBM LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters operates without noticeable degradation of printing performance and supports the following data streams: IBM Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS), Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language (HP PCL), IBM/HP Graphics
Library (GL), and Adobe PostScript (1).  A user-friendly interface allows the user to easily configure and maintain one or more adapters on the network.
       The IBM LAN Connection for Printers and Plotters supports the following:
o   4033 Model 001 -- Token-Ring (4/16 megabits/second), IEEE 802.5
o   4033 Model 002 -- Ethernet 10BaseT, IEEE 802.3
o   4033 Model 003 -- Ethernet 10Base2 and 10Base5, IEEE 802.3


1333561 Used for -001 / -002
104V to 127V AC, 60Hz
5V DC +/- 5% at 1.5A

1333563 Used for -003 only (BNC Version of 4033)
90V to 265V AC, 50-60 Hz
5V DC +/- 5% (2.0A) 12V DC 

o   IBM 4033 Model 001, Token-Ring:
    -   IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter Cable (IBM part #6339098),  if the LAN segment uses IBM Cabling System data grade media and operates at a ring data rate of either 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps.
    -   Type 3 Media Filter Cable, if the LAN segment uses telephone twisted-pair media and operates at a ring data rate of 4 Mbps.

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