INETCFG :: Interactive TCP/IP stack parameters' configuration utility.



inetcfg -g <parameter>|all - get parameter(s) values.

inetcfg -s <parameter><value>|all - set parameter(s) values.

inetcfg -r <parameter>|all - restore parameter(s) to default.

{-g all}|{-s all} gets|sets paramaters in|from a file ETC\inetcfg.ini


Supported Parameters :

keepalive :KeepAlive (sec)

tcpswinsize :TCP SendWindow Size

tcprwinsize :TCP RecvWindow Size

udpswinsize :UDP SendWindow Size

udprwinsize :UDP RecvWindow Size

lingertime :Linger Time (sec)

probecnt :Number Of KeepAlive Probes

ipforward :IP Forwarding flag ON/OFF

mtudiscover :TCP Path MTU Discovery ON/OFF

arpkillc :ARP Complete TimeOut (sec)

arpkilli :ARP InComplete TimeOut (sec)

lipcstswinsize :LIPC Stream SendWindow Size

lipcstrwinsize :LIPC Stream RecvWindow Size

lipcdgswinsize :LIPC Dgram SendWindow Size

lipcdgrwinsize :LIPC Dgram RecvWindow Size

synattack :SYN Attack Flag ON/OFF

syncookie :SYN Cookie Flag ON/OFF


multidefrt :Multiple Default Routes ON/OFF

winscale :TCP Window Scale ON/OFF

timestmp :TCP TimeStamps ON/OFF

realslow :TCP TW Q Slow Timeout ticks

perfhttp :Fast Path HTTP ON/OFF

tcpttl :TCP TTL (hops)

udpttl :UDP TTL (hops)

icmpttl :ICMP TTL (hops)

fragttl :Fragment TTL (sec)

reusetw :Reuse Time Wait ON/OFF

msl :TCP MaxSegLifeTime (sec)

cc :TTCP function ON/OFF